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Mac Excel vs PC Excel

Here’s a summary of my work on a Mac with Excel 2011, trying to make an existing Excel 2007 addin compatible with it. There are quite a few incompatibilities. The main ones are: 1) No RibbonX menu, you have to … Continue reading

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Matthew Leitch’s survey on ‘integrated risk management’

He describes various scenarios and shows how people preferred one of the three risk management approaches offered in each case. “It shows that most people recognize it when they see it, and would be much more likely to recommend … Continue reading

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More differences between Excel for Windows and Excel 2011 for Mac, mainly VBA

For the official MS list of differences see “The following is a summary of the diffferences in the Microsoft Excel 2011 for Macintosh visual basic object model as compared to Microsoft Excel 2010.” Here’s my own list, the last … Continue reading

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List of Mac Excel 2011 differences from Excel 2007

1) DIR() returns error rather than null string, so trap it 2) rg.Find Searchformat named argument not found Same for ReplaceFormat 3) rg.Autofilter Help says “If you omit all the arguments, this method simply toggles the display of the AutoFilter … Continue reading

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