More differences between Excel for Windows and Excel 2011 for Mac, mainly VBA

For the official MS list of differences see

“The following is a summary of the diffferences in the Microsoft Excel 2011 for Macintosh visual basic object model as compared to Microsoft Excel 2010.”

Here’s my own list, the last of this series:

  1. Password used in Windows did not work on Mac, may have been because special characters, not tested further.
  2. Remove all Win32 API stuff: eg Declare Function GetTickCount()
  3. No SearchFormat so cannot search for a format, eg merged cells
  4. No .commandtext property of Querytable
  5. XlCalculationInterruptKey Object removed also Constants xlnokey, xlesckey, xlanykey
  6. XlCalculationState Object removed
  7. Connections Object removed
  8. CustomProperties Collection and CustomProperty Object removed
  9. XlLinkStatus Object removed
  10. doc says these changed, in fact removed:
    xlAddIn, xlTemplate
    doc says xlOpenXMLWorkbook removed, in fact value changed
  11. worksheet.scripts removed
  12. application.getopenfilename filefilter does not work
  13. In Prompted to enable macros even though enableevents=false and displayalerts=false
  14. Change all “\” to application.pathseparator
  15. Dir() does not have vbVolume
  16. I miss the keyboard accelerators, they may be there but I don’t see underlined menu items when I press the Alt key.
  17. ErrorCheckingOptions Object Changed  Properties
    InconsistentTableFormula Removed
    ListDataValidation Removed
  18. Cannot add hyperlinks, need to investigate syntax
  19. SendKeys Method is not supported on the Macintosh.
  20. Typename returns “V()” for variant array rather than “Variant()”
    cannot assign x=array(1,2) in immediate mode, need to have declared x
  21. TransitionFormEntry and TransitionExpEval Property isn’t available on the Macintosh.
    so what happens if an old Lotus workbook is opened?
  22. DisplayRightToLeft Property True if the window displays from right to left instead of from left to right. Available only in the Arabic and Hebrew versions of Microsoft Excel. Returns False in Excel 2007, not available in my European Mac Excel 2011
    Version 14.1.0 (110310)
  23. SaveCopyAs does not always work, need to investigate why
  24. VBA performance very slow. It took hours to complete a process that took 15 mins on Excel 2007
  25. The Palette colours are changed, noticeably colorindex 19 to 32

About Patrick O'Beirne, Excel/VBA developer

Patrick provides consultancy and training in spreadsheet automation, data analysis, testing and model review; and the Excel spreadsheet auditing addin XLtest
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