Mac Excel vs PC Excel

Here’s a summary of my work on a Mac with Excel 2011, trying to make an existing Excel 2007 addin compatible with it. There are quite a few incompatibilities. The main ones are:

1) No RibbonX menu, you have to use Excel 2003-style menus
– so when you save in Mac Excel an Excel 2007 workbook with a CustomUI part, it loses it

2) No modeless userforms, so no floating toolbars or progress bars.
– and when you save in Mac Excel, the ShowModal property returns to False; and text in userform fields with more than 255 characters is lost.

3) Mac requires different handling for file paths, see Ron de Bruin’s web pages for more on this.  VBA code in Mac Excel 2011 and Windows Excel

See earlier posts for more details.

Other links are: Microsoft Excel Visual Basic Help
Gregory’s blog has useful stuff for those of us new to Macs – eg Fn+Backspace is the Delete key
When you switch back to the Excel window from the VBA window, you can’t alt-tab back to the VBE.

I won’t be posting any more on this as I’ve moved on to another project and don’t have the use of the Mac any more. It’s a relief to get back to a real spreadsheet in Excel 2010 🙂

About Patrick O'Beirne, Excel/VBA developer

Patrick provides consultancy and training in spreadsheet automation, data analysis, testing and model review; and the Excel spreadsheet auditing addin XLtest
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