The Art of the Cell

I liked this post on the Excel-L list today.

On 07/05/2014 10:21, Laurent Wright wrote:
Reminds me of a question, many years ago, that I got asked.
In Layman’s terms, what is the difference between Access and Excel?
My reply was Access is Meccano and Excel is Lego
With Meccano you are stuck into building rigid and 'structured Models', 
with Lego, you can pretty much build what you like.

On 07/05/2014 10:34, John Nurick wrote:

The other relevant difference is that once you’ve built Meccano it stays built until someone comes along with the skill to use a screwdriver and spanner and, hopefully, the insight to put it back together better. But a Lego model can be spoilt by any passing toddler or puppy.

About Patrick O'Beirne, Excel/VBA developer

Patrick provides consultancy and training in spreadsheet automation, data analysis, testing and model review; and the Excel spreadsheet auditing addin XLtest
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