VBA code for Microsoft Text Translator API

Microsoft are retiring the Translation API in the Datamarket on April 30, 2017.
You need to sign up to the Azure Portal and use the Text Translator API in Cognitive Services.

Action Required before April 30, 2017: Microsoft Translator Moves to Azure
How to sign up for Microsoft Translator on Azure

The Free plan allows 2M characters per month.

Documentation and interactive trials :

You define an Account Name and get two keys. Either work, I don’t know yet what the difference is.

Before using “Try out a Method” on that page, you first use your Key 1 to get an access token that lasts 10 minutes and then you can try the methods.
In the methods, leave the Authorization blank, and for appid specify Bearer followed by a space and the access token.

To use your key in VBA, I now provide a VBA module that I use in Excel for translation.
You may use this free with attribution. I am available for custom Excel/VBA development work.

Download here: http://www.sysmod.com/MSTranslator4.bas

A test with 9,900 phrases in 23 European languages totalling 241K took under 30 minutes to complete.
I did not use Sleep to throttle the performance, and no translations were missed.
Microsoft do not indicate a rate limit, only the Azure Subscription Plan total: 2M characters/month for the free plan.
To learn more about the technology, see
“This guide will benefit any person who is interested in building a custom translation system using the Hub. A deeper background in machine translation is not essential to use the Hub. ”

My old post from 2012 on the Datamarket translator is at


en Translate
pt Traduzir
fr Traduire
de Übersetzen
fi Kääntää
nl Vertalen
es Traducir
it Traduci
no Oversette
ja 翻訳
zh-CHS 翻译
ar ترجمة


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Patrick provides consultancy and training in spreadsheet development, auditing / testing and model review; and the Excel addin XLtest
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