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XLTest 1.74 spreadsheet audit addin

I have released an update to my XLTest Excel add-in for spreadsheet auditing, visualisation, and testing. Changes up to version 1.74 (September 2021) Start Session dialog changed to show internal workbook information before opening, and to open in manual calculation … Continue reading

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Event Tracing is three times faster than OutputDebugString

I use the OutputDebugString API in Windows to send debugging messages without the line limitations of the VBA Immediate Window. This is also useful when tracing the causes of crashes which kill the Excel process. I use TraceSpy to capture … Continue reading

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Excel 2013 Inquire Addin improved IQ

In my previous blog post I complained that the Excel 2013 INQUIRE addin showed every single formula in A1 style, which is useless for recognising blocks of identical formulas. So I’ve now done something about that – I am making available … Continue reading

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Migrating an Excel VBA Add-in to a VB.Net XLL with Excel-Dna: update

This document has now grown to a 51 page tutorial.  Comments and corrections are requested. http://www.sysmod.com/vba-to-vb.net-xll-add-in-with-excel-dna.pdf I am providing a free addin QualifyVBACode. It takes the VBProject in a workbook and qualifies the xl constants with their enum types, and … Continue reading

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Open Source Data Visualisation Add-in includes Treemap

In answering a question on the Excel-L list, I discovered Fabrice Rimlinger’s Open Source Excel addin for data visualisation. Although it’s called Sparklines for Excel, it has more than that, and the code is GNU public domain.

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Migrating Excel VBA Add-in to VB.Net, ExcelDNA, NetOffice

I have updated my previous post on migrating an addin with this 15-page Word document listing some of the things that kept me editing and debugging for two weeks on a 13,000  VBA LOC addin. I hope some of these … Continue reading

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From VBA to VB.Net using ExcelDna

This is a collection of links for learning about VB.Net and ExcelDna. Firstly, here are my two documents: a collection of resources and a worked example of migrating an addin to VB.Net Getting Started with VB.Net using ExcelDNA.docx Practice project … Continue reading

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