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Eusprig 2014 Delft – For Excel Builders and Inspectors

Thursday 3 July 2014, Delft, the Netherlands. And it’s FREE thanks to our sponsors! This is for the two sides of the house – those who use spreadsheets to solve their problems, and those who are concerned about the risks … Continue reading

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Reinhart & Rogoff: The Austerity spreadsheet error

We’ve discussed this on the yahoogroup of the European Spreadsheet Risk Interest Group, of which I’m the current chair. Here’s my summary of The Spreadsheet Error Heard Round the World, with my commentary followed by the background. 1) The authors … Continue reading

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Free Excel formula highlighting tool

My main product is the XLTest addin that does a comprehensive shakedown of Excel workbooks. I’ve picked out the most popular feature, colour coding cells by formula region, and give it away as a free taster, the XLTest Colorizer. It … Continue reading

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