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Querying Text/CSV files in VBA, method #3: Power Query

The module PowerQueryText.bas contains VBA code to query text/csv/tab delimited files and return tables to worksheets. Continue reading

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Hello (the rest of the) World – reading data in other languages

Have you ever opened a text file in Excel and found that the characters looked weird or corrupted? The Wikipedia entry for mojibake says ‘In German, Buchstabensalat (“letter salad”) is a common term for this phenomenon, and in Spanish, deformación … Continue reading

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Nested JSON to flat data tables

Have you ever had to convert a file of JSON text to Excel tables? Not simple JSON, but one with a collection of dictionaries inside a dictionary inside a collection of dictionary records inside another collection of records inside a … Continue reading

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VBA Read Unicode file contents in various encodings

To read a text file, you need to be able to handle more character sets than just ANSI. Not just in the contents but also in the file and folder names.The classic article on this is by Joel Spolsky:https://www.joelonsoftware.com/2003/10/08/the-absolute-minimum-every-software-developer-absolutely-positively-must-know-about-unicode-and-character-sets-no-excuses/ Here … Continue reading

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UK HMRC MTD OAuth2 Excel/VBA demo

I’m making available as open source my VBA routines for the “Hello World” tests on the UK HMRC “Making Tax Digital” (MTD) web service which use oAuth2 and JSON. Thanks to posts from Bruce McPherson (Excel Ramblings), Tim Hall (Excel-REST), … Continue reading

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A first look at the FUSE spreadsheet corpus

Following on the first paper by Titus Barik et al static.barik.net/barik/publications/msr2015/PID3640389.pdf and some work by Mark Townsend analysing the last row and column used in each file http://markstownsend.com/what-are-all-the-rows-for/index.html I downloaded the 7GB of 249,376 files and did some summary analysis … Continue reading

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VBA in the spreadsheets from the Enron email corpus

The European Spreadsheet Risk 2015 Conference papers are now available at http://www.eusprig.org/papers-presentations.htm My presentation was on investigating the use of VBA in spreadsheets in the Enron email corpus. Click to access VBA%20in%20spreadsheets%20from%20Enron%2CPO%27Beirne%202015.pdf Most of the slides deal with the mechanics … Continue reading

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Excel VBA Copy Range, Paste as Table to Powerpoint 2010/2013

So, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying to get that one right. Piecing together all the hints from stackoverflow and the rest, I find that I have to use the ExecuteMso method available in PP2010 and later, and use … Continue reading

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Dictionary VBA Class update

I’ve uploaded a new version of the Dictionary Class and a helper KeyValuePair Class. This exposes the KeyValuePairs collection so iteration is now very fast, about 2 seconds to iterate 1 million items using a for each loop:   dim oKeyValuePair … Continue reading

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