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Conditional compilation VBA Excel Mac/Win/32/64…

To┬ámake my addin handle all the combinations of Excel 2007 onwards on Mac and Windows, 32-bit and 64-bit, I ended up with this conditional compilation block. The example I use is GetTickCount() but the principle applies to other declarations. Microsoft … Continue reading

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Modeless Userform not terminating

One way to display status messages as a long procedure runs is to show a modeless userform and update it with text or a progress bar showing percentage completed. I was having a problem with Excel crashing, particularly Excel 2013, … Continue reading

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A first look at the FUSE spreadsheet corpus

Following on the first paper by Titus Barik et al static.barik.net/barik/publications/msr2015/PID3640389.pdf and some work by Mark Townsend analysing the last row and column used in each file http://markstownsend.com/what-are-all-the-rows-for/index.html I downloaded the 7GB of 249,376 files and did some summary analysis … Continue reading

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Excel VBA Copy Range, Paste as Table to Powerpoint 2010/2013

So, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying to get that one right. Piecing together all the hints from stackoverflow and the rest, I find┬áthat I have to use the ExecuteMso method available in PP2010 and later, and use … Continue reading

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Eusprig 2014 Delft – For Excel Builders and Inspectors

Thursday 3 July 2014, Delft, the Netherlands. And it’s FREE thanks to our sponsors! This is for the two sides of the house – those who use spreadsheets to solve their problems, and those who are concerned about the risks … Continue reading

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Chart defined name oddity

I’ve seen this before but can’t remember where. It was discussed on the Excel-L list starting 15 Oct 2012 with the subject line “charting challenge: cannot change title’s (formula) reference to a worksheet cell” Try this in Excel 2010: in … Continue reading

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Open Source Data Visualisation Add-in includes Treemap

In answering a question on the Excel-L list, I discovered Fabrice Rimlinger’s Open Source Excel addin for data visualisation. Although it’s called Sparklines for Excel, it has more than that, and the code is GNU public domain.

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